Sunflower Wedding Cake

If you adore sunflower more than other flowers, you can put a sunflower wedding cake idea for your wedding. The theme that you can choose if you really want to bring sunflower things in the wedding is rustic wedding theme. Orange, maroon, and also brown become the color shades that you can put on the wedding cake. It should be better if you conduct the wedding in autumn.

You must have some reasons why you like sunflower. Well, it cannot be denied that the colors found in sunflower are really sophisticated. You are able to find yellow, dark green, orange, and also brown. Those can be combined to get a fabulous result to be put on your wedding cake. That is really okay. Here are some ideas that you can apply for sunflower wedding cake.Sunflower Wedding Cake Sunflower Wedding Cake

Edible Decorations

Rather than plastic, edible decorations for sunflower wedding cake are more suggested. You can save some money from those. By choosing plastic decorations, you waste your money and spend it for nothing. Those are just artificial decorations.

Sunflower Wedding Cake Ideas Sunflower Wedding CakeThe function of it is just adorning the cake. You cannot eat those. However, if you pick edible decoration, your sunflower wedding cake is able to be enjoyed by the guests. They will do it with their pleasure then.

You can make sunflower decorations from fondant. That is edible. The taste of it is sweet. In addition, fondant is really flexible to shape. It is like clay. You can shape it to be anything you want for the sunflower wedding cake.

You can create some leaves with green color and sunflower with yellow, dark green, and brown. For the size, you can adjust with the cake. Do not make the cake look too overwhelming by putting too many things on it. You should make the decorations proportional. In short words, you should be careful in creating the decorations and putting those on the cake.

Basic Color and Combination

After choosing what a kind of decoration that you have to put on the cake, it is time for you to decide basic color and combination to make the cake more adorable. For the base, white is preferable. You can combine with any colors. To create equality, white is a good to be blended with dark and vibrant colors that you can get from sunflower. So, white is a good idea for your sunflower wedding cake. However, if you want to add dramatic and artistic look in the cake, cream color will also be good. One point is that you need to be careful in choosing the decorations and supplementary colors.

For the combination of sunflower decoration made of fondant, you can add some fruits like kiwi, cherry, orange, and strawberry. Those are really great the make the cake tastier. In addition, for the color scheme, your yellow sunflower will be greatly completed with colors from the fruits. To make the cake more adorable, you should explore your creativity. Being explorative, imaginative, and creative will help you get the best result of sunflower wedding cake.

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